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Blood Vessel

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I can feel the blood pumping inside my head
My own life, killing me

I harbour another life inside
A secret life, placed there by my friend
It grows inside, steals my energy
It grows inside me

I am a vessel
Sailing the sea of time
I am a vessel
Empty, and making a useless noise
I am a vessel
Of my family
I am a vessel
I am everything except me

I am a million cells
A million prisons that enclose my life
Trapped like a silent monk
Worshipping something I will never see

I am nothing but the universe
I am all life
And nothing
Nothing at all

I am
Therefore I am
Therefore I was
Before I will be
But what will I be?
What will I be in the days and years to come?
What will I be?
And will I ever be free
Of the destiny that calls to me?
The destiny of long slow death
My body falling to pieces
And my thoughts dying with every breath I take
With every breath I take
With every breath I take
I come closer
I come closer to something I cannot see
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