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Success Is... (Hanging By The Neck)

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What do you think makes a man take his own life with his own hands
When tomorrow ends today, what a glorious day it'll be...
Man has succeeded in mass destruction
Man has exceeded its capacity here on earth

Goddamn this world and everything ravaging it

Ah, yes... success. It's hanging by the neck.
This tyranny has gone on far too long.
Reparations are now demands.

Humankind rides a pale horse - the taker of lives.
The gears of a giant monopolized mind - a self-propelled death machine

An internal wasteland. Every human being that now stands.
No remorse and no recourse. There's no turning back, this is a holocaust now.

A mortal sin.
Total control of the end.
On top of the chain of life.
Exhibiting total control.

Had we stayed lichens, had intellect not have been... a paradise this would be...
This is what you made. This is what you helped create.

Craftsman of hell on earth. How can you live with yourself?

Begin voluntary human extinction. No better time than
... NOW
What do you think makes a man? And can it be destroyed?
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