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Total Gore

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Time to raise a simple question.
Do you want to die?
But not before you've outlived the lives
Of everyone you know
And everything you've held close to that blackened heart
Or have your loved ones look on
As you succumb to total gore

Your muscle, your skin
Your innards nothing is wasted but the minutes, the hours, the days you could have suffered.

Straight to the harvest floor you go now
Straight to the killing ground you go to die
Straight to the brain thoughts of remorse surge
Straight to the gut, panic-struck, you are fucked.

Do you want total gore?
Do you want total gore?
Do you want total gore?
You got it.

Acupunctured face with the blades of a rake
Skinned alive, hung on the line to dry
Sinew and fatty tissue for soup stock
Bones collected for future fertilizer.

Oh you thought you were on top of the food chain but you're not
Humans make so many mistakes, defecate when we procreate
Shit-birthed onto innocent earth. Lived to conquer, now you serve
Revenge sparks regret in man, your blood on our hands.

In our revenge we reduce you to a bloody stump.
Maybe we'll mail all your parts back to your family.
With a note written in your blood "It was your fault".
This is terrorism. This is vengeance. This is humanity in its most basic form.
The vengeful conquer, the greedy now serve

Now you get what you want, what you desire:
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