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Long-Pig Chef And The Hairless Goat

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Cornered long-pig at the edge of the corral
Ascending heart rate makes for succulent portions
Capillary beds fill to the point of explosion
In an orgasmic decapitation of human cattle

DE-boned and skinned
Preparation shall now begin
On the menu a hairless goat
In green mucus pesto your pieces float
Garnishing the platter
Cerebral pieces of gray matter
Soup bowl--an unspent bladder
A choice dish within the splatter
Human adipose to make you fatter
Breaded tendons dipped in batter
Cessation of your life?

Your destiny--a quiche of human giblets
Naive you die
Meat to cleaver--manveal breeder
Gratuitous overflow from the jugular
Buckets of blood
Sanguine bleeder--compost eater
Into blood meal--you're left to putrefy
Whet appetite
The realization that you are simply flesh is now fatally apparent...

Your funeral was a buffet.
A delightful blend of your decay
A menu made of your obituary
My complements to the chef...
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