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One And The Same

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How shall I begin
To speak about a God that I will never comprehend
So High and Mighty
And yet closer than a friend
The beginning and the end
The mystery of his Holiness
The wonders of His humanness are


One,one and the same
I can't do Him Justice with anyone name
The Holy God of Heaven
And the humble Man who bore my shame
Are one, one and the same

I scarcely understand
How a simple servant can be called the great I Am
How the Son of God
Is still the Son of man

Both the Shepherd and the Lamb
The healer and the Wounded One
The Father and the only Son are

The way that we can come to know
The truth that sets us free
The Life that died and rose again
Love revealed

Prince of Peace
Wonderful !
First and the Last

Oh, Holy Ghost
And the Humble man who bore my shame
Are one, one and the same
Are one
One and the same
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