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Reign of elements

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Gods gather in Dale
It's time to make the final move
Now I must not fail
If I fail my destiny's doomed
Now I see the circle of stones
One more step, and it is done
God of the earth
We got, the letter from you
So here we are
Is there nothing we can do?
He is a fraud he's not Maegon
Run for you lives, he's Delinom
By the power of the Spirits
I will use this sword
I'll become great powerful lord
I will hold the land of Cryon
No one will be saved
And I'll rule this world alone
I take the final place
I use my sword as a key
Lightnings and flames
I'm cold like a stone in the sea
I see Gods die before me
I've gained these powers, now you will see
By the power of Spirits
I did use that sword
Now I am great powerful lord
I will hold land of Cryon
No one will be saved and I rule this world alone
As I look all around me
I see bodies, dead bodies of Gods
They are drained, now I possess their powers
Please let me live, take my land but let me live
You were one of those who sent me to Dramar Now Die!!
But where is Shemin, she cannot be alive,
If she is, she won't be for long.
Now I've seen, how the end has come
My powers gone, it had been done
To the town of wind I must now ride
They heal my wounds, to shadows then I must hide
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