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But There Ain't No Whales So We Tell Tall Tal..

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there's no difference between the game and the grave
we're on stage that's all we have to say
carry your minds and don't try push me down
this is the last time you will see the stars

we're here to say

we hit and we take,
living for regret,
(we won't back down)

this ain't the last chance to celebrate, to give up and fade away
the curtain falls and life goes on
everywhere is just not there

Stand still and wait in line
Whoever falls dies
that's how we'll overcome

Now ain't nobody tell us it was fair
let's turn the page and write over the wall
Don't close your eyes cause then it will begin
leaving mistakes to the top of your world

Is this how it ends? Was this all regret?
The place we search as we drift
don't even try to let it go

And, and I know,
should be home
and they are breaking,
breakin' on my shore
standing here
with our friends
don't even try to let it go

When everything falls apart
We stand and fight for your rights
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