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You followed me through changes
Thinking things could work out fine
I was in need of rescue
On that cold forsaken night
I was the only one in the way
Sinking into a deep divide
Seeing through to the outside
Was always so far out of sight

Time goes by
Wasted on the words
And although we tried
So much is still unheard
Am I lost inside?

You were the only one
Who could help me see beyond this haze
You made the weight of the world I carried
Somehow lift away
I threw away what I held sacred
All the things I orchestrated
Pieces of me fell all around
And some just won't be found

Time goes by...

Totally lost in the world
I've been reeling in pain
From the loss of my soul
I've been dealing
All that's here and gone
And it won't be long

Speak to me now
I don't know if I'm fading
A ghost in the light's
Laughing while I'm degrading
All that's here and gone
You know it won't be long

'Til there's no more sound
I'll drown it out I won't feel a thing

Time goes by...

Totally lost in a world I create in the dark
Totally lost in a world I create
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