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Psycho Motor

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I want to know why you make the silence
Create the violence reflecting in my head
I'm on the run just a soul deceiver
A true believer lifted from the dead
This time I want to roll the tide
I'm gonna touch the sky
Don't believe a word they said
Then I'll wait for the perfect hour
To feed the psycho motor in my head

I finally see what the end will bring
There's a truth in the words and the things never heard
When they try as they must to save the nation
Contemplate your own salvation

I'm burning, still running, I'm gone to stay
You want - Times caught - Why run? - Times done

I want to fly like there's no tomorrow
No broken sorrows, no cry for quick solutions
Must be nice sitting way up there
In your private lair blending into this confusion
I'm not one to take it for the cause
All the things I've lost I never really wanted to own
Remember time never fails to pass
So don't you ask for the things I've never shown

Shifting and searching your way through the maze
Like a shock to the brain that'll drive you insane
Just a thought from the time that you had half a life
But you left it behind now you're walking that line

I'm burning, still running, I'm on my way
You want - Times caught - Why run? - Times done

I want to search for a serious life
Searching inside pleading for all the answers
And every course that I chose to take
Never going to make the same mistaken turns
Taking every chance while the circumstances
Arise so there might be a chance to start
Want to put all these things behind us
That grip and grind us and rip them all apart

Overcome by the sight of the screams in your eyes
There's no way to get hold cause your spirit's been sold
And sometimes faith don't control this game
And losing your mind ain't as bad as they say

I'm burning, still running, I'm on my way
Time's falling, life's calling so far away
You want - Times caught - Why run? - Times done
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