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Shake It Up

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[Chorus 1]
We breakin up, Monday and Tuesday
We blowing up Wednesday and Thursday
She shake it up Friday and Saturday
I beat it up all day on Sunday

[Verse 1]
It was on the very first time that I met her
That leather was fittin that ass and that skin tight sweater
Was curvin around that body and I painted a picture
In my mind I wrote a letter bout us getting together
Green eyes dark hair honey brown complextion
I was rollin in a bucket she was rollin a lexus
I sweat it now we can do the damn thang if she wanna
If she don't I'm just satisfied with bendin some cornas
Drink coronas just as long as she don't leave me alona
I can name fifty niggas now that wanted to bone her
But they didn't I'm happy bout the place that im sittin
Didn't buy shit my name is still on her kitten
Written in platinum she don't just love me for rappin and actin
She love my mind the way I'm dippin in matchin
My blackness, her reactions are like fatal attractions
she jackin and blastin and ridin for the man that shes rackin

[Chorus 2]
We breakin up, Monday and Tuesday
We blowin up Wednesday and Thursday
She shake it up Friday and Saturday
I beat it up all day on Sunday
So shake it up (shake it up)
Do yo thang little mamma shake it up (shake it up)
Bend over touch yo toes and shake it up (shake it up)
I like the way you move now shake it up (shake it up)
Just shake shake shake shake shake (shake)

[Verse 2]
She my main squeeze only thing maintained
Sometime tha that shit I be sayin she the only one that understand
She my boo my freak i know that I'm her main man
So fuck these hos and bullshit niggas with these same games
I let my chain hang and still claim the same thang
And even when she don't love me I'm the same main
Nigga that she call when she need somebody to talk to
Hit her from the back eat and walk wit her
She got a lot to offer look what she brought with her
She got brains and taps that leave niggas that start wit her
She don't care about houses cars sex and bling bling
Even though nine and half inches is a big thang
She aint the type that be creepin and sleepin and jumpin in other niggas jeepin
When im outta town on business
When im on a mission to put us in a position
Where we don't have to do nothin but show the love and kick it listen

[Chorus 1]
[Chorus 2]
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