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[Verse 1]
Imagine looking at life through rose-tinted glasses
And the policy of the people is passive
And all the women got fat asses
And all the homies got dubs and deeds to spend
And when the po-po's pass they wave and say "hi"
And wear a grin (hey)
And everybody that you meet is a potential friend
And the women in your life love you for yourself and not your ends
And the population's real so there's no reason to pretend
And ignore we are the same, so no one hates you for the colour of your skin
And every waking thought is one of peace and harmony and bliss
That simple satisfaction like a plate of eggs and grits
Senses fully alive like the feeling of a first kiss
And when it's check out time you got a smile on your lips, huh
And the whole world is like your next-door neighbour
Quick to do you a favour even though we come in a million different flavours
And I know there's not enough time to put it all in one rhyme
So I savour the flavour and sweet taste I feel from the rays of the sunshine

[Chorus - Woman singing]
Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii'm sittin in the sunshine
The sunshine, like the world was mine, the sunshine
Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii'm walkin in the sunshine
The sunshine, like the world was mine, the sunshine

[Verse 2]
If love was a flower I'd spread the petals about the planet
And plant seeds throughout every city and country
Even in those who do not want me
I try to make some sense of the situation that we call life
Some, verbal illustration to help ease this strife
Some, lyrical penetration to try to make things right
In hopes that what I'm saying can saturate your mindframe
And help you with the pain and the strain of the everyday struggle
I don't need it all, I wanna see all y'all bubble
And rise to the top then prove to be hard like a rock
Cos you know it don't stop unless we let it all stop
So when you face to face with adversity, just curse him, C
And look him in the eye, and let him know, that he can't hurt a G
And that you willin' ta risk it all
For the things of people that you believe in
So educate yourself in order to assess your achievements
And if I had to explain this realer so you could see it in your mind -
I guess it's kinda like sunshine


[Verse 3]
Before I continue let me make one thing clear
Took me a while but there's three things I learned to put before my self and career
God, family and my fans
I wish that I could hold your hand
And be like Moses, part the Red Sea and lead you to the promised land
Our demons blazin, and it feels amazin
I can lay here till I'm old and grey and shrivelled like a raisin
Throughout the years 'n months 'n days
When life used to pass by in a daze
And I was posted simply gettin faded, just waitin
Livin life with the eye for nothing but cold steel, fast cash and hot payment
Impatient to be a baller and roll a SS on Daytons
And now I'm here and I promise to get my whole soul, mind, body and spirit
And try to lift every voice and rhyme loud as hell so all y'all can hear it
And still remember the words from that old hip-hop spiritual
I'm livin in a Gangsta Paradise and I hope y'all remember too
And even though it's west coast eastside Compton on mine
It's ok 'cos I don't mind if you share some of my sunshine

[Chorus x2]

I'm diiiiiiiiiiiiiiyin before they take away my sunshine
I ain't lyin (sunshine)
I'll be diiiiiiiiiiiiiiyin before they take away my sunshine
And I ain't lyin (sunshine)
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