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Seven Days

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Over time mistakes were few but I believe they, re mine
Faded mind youth was old and the years were so unkind
I'm the one I face the change I know that stands before me
Believe in me 'cause I damn sure don't believe in you
I cannot deny myself my anger and my pride
I cannot deny another lie
Waiting to find another spike right through my hand
Hope I'm killed before I die
Worlds divide, long ago the memory's still inside
Chances shine seven days our fears become entwined
Seasons change our time is gone our souls have
Grown much colder
Believe in me 'cause I dam sure don't believe in you
Never again are words that echo in my mind
Leaving still holds back the tide
Crucified with lies my blood turns into wine
Take a sip before I die
I cannot deny...
Before I...
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