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Screams Go Unheard

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Seeing that this blood sequence
Is most unfortunate
Hallowed be thy immortal
Free from constrictions
And that ridiculous boundry
Called life
Fly my pretty
However, stay close to me

Omen bearer, ecstatic shiver
Like a woman just crossed my grave
Almost blind sight for sour eyes
And tickled my fancy
Delicate. Pure. Mine.
Simply soulmated
The heaven's serene selection
God's reflection
Something tells me
You might not know me now
You will soon

First fucking things first
Would bet on you a smile
That this other fella?
Will disapear for a while

No mind to a constant observant
I watch
Two is a show but three is a crowd
Pardon me, may i have this dance
As for you sir
Your services have been rendered useless
And are no longer needed
Sleep that deep slumber

Cleverly infiltrate the daily procedures
Enjoy this moment
Perfect timing, perfect beauty
Thank you for inviting
I'll drop by for a minute (or two)
Upon my ringing, you're cordially obliged
Couldn't have been better
If I'd been asked for dinner
Lept that step
Beyond a casual notice
Full fledged admiration

Might be deemed a social misfit
Never asked, never cared
Never spared a worthless existence
The big splash, your life in a flash
Of tornados forming, frenzied whirlwind
Of times and places, people and faces
Fear has a scent that's unmistakable
It's growing, building, mutating, ascending
You've created a lover, well respected
Undeniably desired

Popculture idolatry, root vulture misery
In the wake of my own hero parade
An army of one,
Haven't had this much fun
As a couple deeply in obsession
Screams go unheard
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