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Last Prayers

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Fire on all mounts, ice in all hearts
The destruction of Mars can't be avoided
People worrying, hope is now dead
No prayers can help
A far gone destiny

'Cause in my dreams the lion is the king
And in every situation, he fights even
though wounded
Oh my king, give me the strength, to be
Stronger than all
In the new world new life will start

Maybe somewhere lost in the space
The king is waiting for my prayers
Maybe somewhere lost in the space
The king will open his heart

Mars in delirium, oceans dried up
If I look at the sky, I can't see the stars
I wait out in the cold, near is my end
The powerful lion still strong in my dreams

And when the sun will set
I'll see the stars again
And where the rainbow will shine
Colours will find life again
I won't let my memories die
Lost in the fog

There's a nightmare in my sleep
A big door, covered with gold
I hurry, I must open it
Time is short, I won't make it

I want to open the door
That hides the mysteries
My life is a burning fire
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