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I let my mind mental go back to grind central
It is essential that i move my pencil
My credentials and my dental make it nice and simple
So yall can hear it never fear it and you come and listen
(listen up, listen up)
Cause mindstyle forever glisten
Makin it a mission,
For rap to a be new age established religion
So we gon move it in my bullpen
My tabernacle will shackle any emcees that want step to me in battle
Im keepin it peace and order while im hittin the gavel
You talkin that bullshit?
You gonna hit the gravel
Cause im gonna do what i can, do what i must
Those silly motherfuckas cant rock the mic
They need to hush
That'll be the favorite fanatical lyrical lust
Feeding ya ears with grade A lyrical foods stuffs
Making you flush when you hear it
Making your spirit overjoy for these lyrics that you want to spit it
Honey we vivid on candid camera now im gonna scare ya
Like godzilla fightin gamera spreadin malaria
In ya area pandemonium just a bound
To CYNE hittin ya town with the musical sound
And move the crowd with the graphic displays of physical waves
That make you wanna lose it for days
Nigga we made, lyrical art and seranade
Impress the mind like miracles in biblical days.

Blessin the club with my presence
Forgave all of my lessons
The only protection that im carryin is not a weapon
Gets to high steppin when you see me
No man can ever beat me
I sit back and shine hard believe me
Im glistenin
Talkin bullshit while bitches listenin
Wishin a bubble i say im hard on black, michelin
Wrapped around this 20inch buckshine, ridiculous
Freak nasty hoes cry down and look meticulous
You hearin this?
Even these chicken heads delirious
With the vocab and the neck sparklin serious
Come on shorty dont look shy
No need feminine
With ya cute eyes fat thighs and hair marvelous
Skin tone melodic
Ya voice sound exotic
You so fine popurri scent from when you farted
Lets get it started back at my place
Gettin retarded
And dont be actin brand new boo
We gettin on it
So whatchu talkin about
Here are my digits so hit the walk about
So we can set it up in the truck
You know we bouta fuck
So light it up
Im blazin yo mind
We passin the time
Fuck doin lines
We sippin on expensive wine
Damn youre fine
Pretty brown thighs im gonna climb
Body sublime
Sippin coronas
Lickin the lime
Line for line
Itd be the cise rippin your mind
So give me some time
So we can unwind

Yo, this is how we did it
The city is gettin me hype
Grabbin the mic
Precise star rippin it nice
Them and the life
My words became the vehicle
Movin the crowd
Lyrical sounds remain diesel
The speakers amplify the words from my mind
And the visible stands stand words forth to the cyne
Reppin this rhyme hard
Standin to the right of the God
Up above givin love
While he's rappin his song
Even though i stand 5'11"
My head is touchin heaven
Above the clouds the sounds stop 9/11
I be the dickin reverend
Rockin the triple 7
And be the crews im wreckin
So sunny im far collectin
Im stayin leavin the message
But sometimes you be second guessin
You better be understanding
That i never left the first question
Move on my music
Meticulous in many directions
Hittin ya city town area province and section
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