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Armed and Dangerous

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[B-Real (Sen Dog):]
Ready? set, go! I'm ready to run.
Steady we get though, under the sun.
About to let go. - Show me respect though!
It's gon' be a fat joint. - Soul - in your mental. (soul - in your mental!)
We came from the bottom and rose to the top
Like the cream in your coffee - burning hot! (burning hot!)
Climbing the Billboards for the number one spot
King of the block - stop for a second to watch!
Look and learn and loose your knot.
No more bottles to pop, no birds in the drop.
But - we still rollin'! (we still rollin'!) - Pocket's swollen. (pockets swollen!)
We're - locked and loaded, then the scene exploded.
We' - solid as ever on any endeavour
Cypress Hill forever, doesn't get any better!
We - came and saw. - And conquered it all! (conquered it all!)
We're hungry for more like the kids in Darfur. (like the kids in Darfur!)

[Chorus: B-Real]
We live hard, still armed and dangerous!
We young love, be alarmed, don't play with us!
Play the song! Gotta bounce just to stay with us!
Come along, hit the bong and blaze with us!

[Sen Dog:]
I'm the dog and I'm undisputed. - And you've been recruited!
I'm the general that your boy saluted. (that your boy saluted!)
Give you a minute to see how we do it (how we do it!)
You've never seen such finesse cause you're so polluted. (you're so polluted!)
I'm the king in this area hombre
Knocked 'em out the park when I'm standing on home plate. (c'mon!)
So many years of blood sweat and tears
Without me the dogs stay switching the gears!
But I'm still the same man from back in the day
And I'm still gettin' luck from Africa to L.A.! (to L.A.!)
Jake One hit play; burst started to sway
Every time I leave the city fools want me to stay! (want me to stay!)
Cause they stay loyal, so it's harder to go
And like the lights. - I got's to grow!
That means I'll roll (I'll roll!) but I'll return later (I'll return later!)
Give props to my peop (le), and buckshots to haters. (buck, buck!)

[Chorus x2]

[B-Real (Sen Dog):]
Raise your hands in the air like you're supposed to
And everybody scream like you're on a rollercoaster.
We're down - with the Costra Nostra
We smashing! - We sick jackin' and the Soul Assassins. (Soul Assassins!)
The Hip-hop culture - we fuck you both
Just as you caught in the rapture. - All I hear is laugher. (all I hear is laughter!)
In a year's time some of you punks, won't matter!
Let's see - if you can hang if you can climb the ladder!
You ain't a rapper, you're a fucking joke! (you're a fucking joke!)
A one-shock hack on a track, get your pass revoked! (get your pass revoked!)
I got keys to the city and we locking you out
We come hard for the paint. - And I'm blocking you out!
So run for the hills and hide in the can.
We just put the mic' down - and be that fan. (and be that fan!)
With your - petty hands outside the lobby
I'm a pro, get my signature, this ain't no hobby!
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