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14 Emcees

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[Intro- DJ Young Mase]
I go by the name of DJ Young Mase
D-12 Representor
Good 2 be back, but this time
I brought 14 friends
Matter fact, 14 Emcees!

[Fat Father]
Well whaddaya know?
Fat Father dunn showed up
Break out the blunts
And a couple boxes of doughnuts
No time for stunts, I'm one militant grownup
Crunk, willing to hold up chumps
To get exposed. Fat Michigan soldier
Cats hit you in the ?
Trapped in this ridiculous culture: fuck Oprah!
No hope, my brain is broke, I'm bipolar
You microwave shit? I pop trunks with the toaster (3Six)

Beef? Guarantee the whole crew will ride
And we make the homicide look like suicide
So nigga, you decide!
Either you run with the squad
Or you can keep playing God and get crucified
Use the 9, I don't ride when it's Valentine
Send you to the angels like you been traded to Anaheim
Bring the caskets out whenever I'm spazzing out
Fire in the woods somewhere, like ? house

[Shakia Snow]
Bodybag em, toe-tag em
Lyrically, I beat these beats up like a Magnum (Get 'Em)
You getting fucked tonight, you better grab something
Fuck boy, I can hire you to go bag something
My money long, I don't even need a bank account
Big bank take little bank, what your bank about?
Mine read whole numbers plus six zeroes
I be turning 16s into ?
(Kid Vishis)

[Kid Vishis]
Yeah, Kid Vishis the Prince
Sickest in Michigan since
I've been spittin', rippin' niggas is a tradition
I spaz

[Shim E Bango]
Shim Bango, F.K., the boy is me
My goal is to be as high as Charlie Sheen
Its hard to take MCs seriously on screen

[Outro- DJ Young Mase]
Damn! There you have it 14 Emcees
D12, Young Mase!
You know what time it is, Pay Attention!
We Back muthafuckers!
Shady Records!
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