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Rape A Bartender

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[Intro - Bizarre]
This what you do
When the bartender fuck your drink up
Bitch, I said Absolut cranberry

[Verse 1 - Bizarre]
Seen this white bitch that I wanted to rape
So I said "fuck it" and I asked her on a date
Lots of cash, we went out to a casino
Just me and a girlfriend, out there playing Bingo
So I'm trying to think of a way to make my attack
I got a 3-piece with an axe in the back
And I fucked her raw, gave her black cock all night
I ain't Brian Pumper, I'm more like Wesley Pipes
Now it's back to this bitch getting raped
2 chainsaws and some black duct tape
Said she was sorry, didn't want me to take her life
I said "fuck that" and stabbed her with a knife

He raped the bartender (oh nobody’s lookin' for me)
Pulled opened the car with her (uh-huh, okay)
He raped the bartender (oh nobody’s lookin' for me)
And now Bizarre is in her (okay)

[Verse 2 - Maestro]
Woke up this morning, almost late for my flight
Probably from the way I was fooling at the bar last night
I remember this one chick, body looking so right
Damn it what was her name?
She had a boyfriend, dude was staring at me with a mean mug
Probably cause his girl's staring at me like she wanna fuck
Don't be mad at me, stupid, don't bring your bitch to the club
I'll shoot two in your brain
Don't let this bar tab fool ya, I'll dump you in the trunk
You lost your life cause your girl thinks I'm cooler than you
You had too much to drink
You better stop and think
Before you end up on Channel 5

Don't play with the bartender
You 'bout to get your ass beat
Just because you drank too much liquor. Uh-huh, okay

[Verse 3 - Kuniva]
Walked up in the club and I strolled on over to the bar
Breath a little on tard and I left my big bed in the car
Got my gun by my side, try to rob me homie and you won't get far
I'll shoot the shit out of you
But anyway I was chilling so I posted up and ordered my drink
She gave me some Henny turned away fast, and muttered "man your breath stink"
Snatch her up real fast like "bitch don't be disrespecting me"
I'll slap the taste out your mouth
She took a swing, I dipped
Came up and molliwopped that bitch
She pulled a knife, I stepped back
Pulled out my big Gat
Somebody's in the ER tonight

[Hook 3:]
He shot the bartender (Yeah, then I watch that bitch bleed)
Right through her heart and liver (I ma ‘bout to do a 103)
He shot the bartender (I ma let that bitch bleed)
And now the cops have intern. (They’ll never catch me)

[Rondell Beene:]
(Oh shit is the po-po, I’m out bitch!)
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