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Stalk them, prepare them, and fetch them
Bind them, torture them, and kill them

You are the master
You fooled the coppers

You felt the power
In your bare hands
Unparalleled pleasure
When you took their lives

Memories where not enough
Trophies and photos
Caught by the killings
Didn't fulfil your needs

First the Oteros were slain
After that the Brights were sacrificed
You left your mark
You left your signature

When you opened your hit kit
Filled with your trademarks
Suffocate till they pass out
With tape, cirds and bags
Suffocate twice until death
And masturbate on their corpse

Driven by the factor X
And never feeling guilt
Tears only for yourself
Never for your projects

Fantasies and search for fame
Brought you down
Unknown victims you only know
Will thrive in your fantasies until you die
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