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A Fractured Hand

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I remember that brief moment when I shouted "end this day"
Mistakes and lessons have since gone my way

The same regrets lie noiselessly for now within these poor isolated walls
Something this sacred should not have been taken for granted
My vow of secrecy must be kept
Something this sacred should not have faded with time

I've failed you once again yet you still hold my hand

I desperately dig within to recover that sweet innocence that shined upon us
I loathe myself for every time I was moved by someone else's loveliness
All those precious moments we have shared have been violated by temptation's venomous kiss

If only I could look at you again with the same eyes that once cherished every single step you took

My heart aches whenever I think of that night you fervently whispered "je ne te connais plus"
This is the end of something beautiful
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