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Tears Of The Blameless

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Tears of the blameless
Dancing in mist, bordering greed
Filthy, dirty and so fucking pretty

What I hated is born inside my devoured heart
Demons can surely be worst but they're only ethereal
Concrete evils are now facing the mirror

Within my putrid soul
Hate has my integrity

Please shed these tears in privacy
Don't look at me, close these, these striking eyes

Concrete evils now facing the mirror
We'll both participate and afterwards,
I'll claim my damnation

Don't say a word, ignore it all
Ignore it all
Kiss me; let's intertwine our lips for one last romance

Miles from here, you're being used as a gate to my heaven
I caused my own decline

You're so fucking pretty
What I hated is born
Dipping this spear was my only goal
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