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Day Of Reckoning

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It happens again and again
Feels like a bloody time warp
A single soul on fire can burn hotter than hell
It happens again and again

Day, Day of Reckoning
‒ Time to forgive all our sins
Day, Day of Reckoning
‒ Or just a bad day where no-one wins?

I feel cursed ‒ Who took my soul
When your whole life goes to hell
A single moment can twist your fate into the obscure
You're doomed to fail


Whatever can go wrong will go wrong
Murphy's Law provided madness is on
Same of bullshit, the same old song
The mystery of the moment has no pardon

Another day of chaos drives me insane
Flirting with disaster ain't a funny game
Bad energy kills ‒ Hopes, dreams, and skills!


Day of Reckoning ‒ Cursed on the day that we were fucking born
Day of Reckoning ‒ Doomed to fail with the system of scorn
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