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Sorcerer Of Black Magic

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On the razor's edge I kneel all this can't be real
Every soul stands for a death!
Where are my illusions all those fake conclusions
Will this now be my last breath?

Like a slow motion flick ‒ but this fear ain't a trick
My live is rushing through my eye!
Panic grabs my mind ‒ Now the daily grind
Seems unreal I can't deny!

Rich man ‒ Poor man ‒ Beggar man ‒ Thief
In the face of death ‒ They all start to believe

Sorcerer of Black Magic ‒
Preacher of an unseen god
Sorcerer of Doom ‒
Make you pray for your decay
Sorcerer of Black Magic

When time is up
‒ There's no more need for a clock
To late to fucking justify!
This fatal vortex now shows the final round
My regrets I can't deny!

I had too many challenges
‒ Broke down all the fences
When time was right I did fail!
Wealth is an earthly chance
‒ Dance the final dance
Dark forces will prevail!



Master of Sadism King of Hedonism
On judgement day we are all the same!
Evil spirit crying all mankind is dying
No hope for the lost souls



Sorcerer of Black Magic ‒ There's no escape
Sorcerer of Black Magic ‒ And no control
Sorcerer of Black Magic fond belief
Sorcerer of Black Magic ‒ The bell tolls
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