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I track my history
Bloody burned family tree
Native blood runs in me
Murderous Tendencies

Keep blood lust away
Keep violence at bay
Can't deny genetics
Animal DNA

Disappear into the fog
Gonna Multiply the tainted blood
Can't remember where you go at night
You go the bloody teeth and wolven sight

Ancestor genocide
We were killed to save lives
Just one beast did survive
Now I live to take Life

Keep yourself from me
Can't help what I be
I am man and beast
Your flesh I will eat

Fall right into homicide
Become the beast that lives inside
Sink your fangs into the skin
drink the blood so you may live
Kill until you find the one
That will carry tainted sons
Deth brings life into the dark
Infest the world and make your mark

Go perpetuate
Go procreate
Insure homicide
Keep bloodlines alive
Our children will regress
And hunger for the flesh
They can't be controlled
They hunger for your soul

"Close your eyes and become the animals that you once were..."

I'll take your life
I'll give you life
I'll take your life
I'll give you life

I'll take your life
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