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Come Forth My Dreadful One

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vanity your agony an angry special place
to rejoice your tears
infamy lesser breed freestab the values
of our comman fears
sonic seducers for bitter abusers
sinners roll free and collect our greed
with my secret source of wisdom fools
shall be free

i've lost my reasons to fly
beyond the skies of your mind
and what is left of your soul
oh i bet you'll never know

corrode the core of my brain
discard the lies and the humble pain
a prison made of flesh and scorn
do you still blame my treason?

freezing, what do you see?
paralize your lonely strain
straight yo me your mind's eye
a belief of cold sequences
faithfucked behaviour still deceiving
freezing, what do you see?
demonize your inner score
straight to me your mind's eye
a belief of cold sequences
frozen eyes won't see you cry forevermore

agony vanity i really don't know
what is better for me
democracy of sad believers
burnin' out proud 'till the end of grief
corrosive behaviours for satisfied saviours
sellin' our souls for a silver shriek
for your bitter hell i've scrificed
my whole destiny

concrete melody
roll the dice of eternity
while i wait to see
the end of the world
i will...
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