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Swallow the Flames

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bleedin' over my face
yeahall over my face
no, it's just a game
come out and play
i wanna see you swallow my pain

the end of sanity is clear
this time i won't pay for your sins

for all my life
i've been so weak
hidin' silent like an ordinary sheep
but now i see
the end is near
the beast inside me still
longs to be unchained

hatred's burnin' fast
inside my breast
still impressed?
genocidal machine
homicidal relief
pitch-black dreams... just fuck it!

burning me
bullets over you
burning deep
this time i'llsee your ego's fall
with no regrets i kneel alone
among the ruins of my world

get lost
before i nail you down
show me
your god
i cannot wait to see you crawl

hellfire in my grip
infernal greed
damn right!
i wanna see you bleed
here i come
i'm just a freak out of control
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