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Liquid Wings

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Tangled here again
Drawing circles in the sand
Facing still a final solution
All the time I spent in vain
Focusing the right shape
Scattered lost fancying the abyss
Just another confirmation
Of mess within your brain
I'm the man inside the mirror
Feed my anger and be free
Separate the scars
Analyze the static parts
Of my constant fall from reality
I am trapped inside a cage
With bars of anger
And lock of rage
And I still can't find a way out

It seems you're getting closer
To the point of no return
Don't you long to drown your tears in me
And resurrect within my blood
And as time slips through my hands
I can't withstand
The tears you shed and all the pain you still hide inside
Forever craving for the past
With blood-red hatred in my brain
Wasted and torn

Grant me a way out
How many times you crossed that line
Don't come any closer
How many times you lost your mind
Facing your failure

Give me a chance to show you
All the things you hide inside
Accept your nature and be free
You're such a waste of time
I need time to understand
But it rushes through my brain
Forcing me between the edges
I can't let it gain control
But it's hard to shape your soul
When you're constantly grieving
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