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Nihilistic Overdrive

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You don't seem to understand
The reason for this bitter end
You served a cause but the cause is lost
As words escape we turn to dust

Surrender fall to the siren's song
While our future means nothing at all
Recover to stand for the final call
Can't you hear me calling?
Can't you see me crawling now?
Take my hands, ruthless fire
Crawling in this solitary dance

Still you fail to comprehend
D-Generation overspread
With a sullen mind in a tallow corpse
I pull the plug and you're fucking gone
Nihilistic overdrive
No need to reason with a bastard kind
The preservation of a thought
Eradicate, destroy them all


Burning all your shallow dreams up
Burning all your fucking dreams
I'm still looking for a reason
Fuck you all, I've got to breathe
Nihilistic overdrive, nihilistic overdrive

While the future seems so vain
I endeavour the betray
The propagation of a sore in a vision
I abhor through the ashes
Feel the thrill
Nothing's wrong nothing's real
Termination of us all
Living virus
We must fall

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