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Blue Lake

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cold attacks me as the liquid is in touch
muffled sounds from somewhere
like unborn through the amniotic fluid
getting upset to reach my air
in this condition I try to understand
what has happened after that step

I was hearing my name
rebounding through the walls
expanding in the veins
it rushes with me, with my thoughts
descends into the well
reaching my own blue lake

I see the unreal pipes of feelings
they look at me and flow
to take a wish into below

are you a whispering soul
or a thoughtless neurone
tell me your name and I'll bring you my lord
into the halls of your vice
you've been too blind 'till now
open your eyes
take off your shroud

yes I feel open minded
I outline coloured thoughts
your spirit is somewhere here
in your pulsing deep blue lake

the upper light seems to come from inside
liquid tension pulls me into the air
like unborn through the amniotic fluid
I'd remain in its womb
the light calls me to his reign
I'm born again

how hard is this night to see
my life breaking to free
a new light from tomorrow
beneath the past a sun is shining pale
with my hands I raise it into the air

found the dust in my eyes
submerge in a water now warm
merged into the first reflection
close upon me
this night lulled by waves
light breath of a liquid called life
quencing my thirst
I still dream
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