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Guilty Claims

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and I’m still here in front of this skyline
waiting for a change and
since half a century I’m here

too long years in heaven
to agree with this hell
can a past mistake cancel...

earth divided, civil war
red flashlights of gore
exiled loosers, worse than dying
...“bring ‘em to the dark side of the sky”...

closed out of light
beyond the shadows
a black-white line
divides the booty of war

growing in this side
it could be so real to believe
that our native ground
is so void

months are days in this set
never seen again mother earth
a patient old man, not warrior only
while young men ask their hero
to tell them again that story

lonely the voice of awareness
softly screams his guilty claims
he was the reason, now he’s the pain

present life in a skyline
I see it is a black-white line
I have grown in heaven

I’ll soon leave the world
last time, last fly
but dying here will free my hopes
my sons will pass the black-white line
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