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Pour Some Urine On Me

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Urine love with a robot
With dysfunctional genitals and violent mood swings.
Urine love with an android queen
Sci-fi taboo, mistress machine.
You're an angel with horns and a dick.
You're an android and a manmade bitch.
While the devil's in the dirt
And the witch is on the sun.
This is fun.
This is fun and we've only just begun.

Open the floodgates and rain down on me.
Unhealthy and ugly.
Your fluid embalms the scenery.
Golden showers and acid rain.
Pee-pee and poetry.
Blue coma eyes.

I never want you to leave,
Because desire and longing
and hunger has got the best of me.
The sun creeps through the curtain.
It's almost as if you were dead.
Was it something I said?
The future's so bright,
Let's pull down the shades.
Pour some urine on me.
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