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Plastic Surgeons

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Projecting the movie on satin eyelids,
The credits fade into unconscious movements,
Nausea and seizures the plot twists and turns,
Purge my now young starlit your contracts expired,
You Hollywood,

Doll you measure success by every inch that's in your ass,
As the sands of time fall inside the hourglass,
The fountain of youth is a fairytale of lies,
As if it came as a surprise,
You Hollywood,

Doll would you like a new face to face a new day,
It seems the mirror is your worst enemy,
For I am Christ to the shallow aging,
A plastic surgeon to the stars of old,

Vaudevillian vanity a mansion in the hills,
Tinsletown pigskin on celluloid film,
A golden age aging in pacific time,
Predicting the future three hours behind,

I want to lick your leather skin,
I want to suck your outside in,
I want to watch you mutate into a statue of stone.
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