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Rapist Eyes

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Draw me a bloodbath o' sweet rapist eyes,
As all the bruised babies hum lullabies,
Burnt at the stake old souls fill the skies,
Sacrificed for all humanities lies,

I summoned a demon and took it to bed,
I don't recall exactly what was said,
It tied my hands and feet to my bed,
I don't recall exactly what was said,

You got the look that makes detectives itch,
A mouthful of thunder and feverish pitch,
A cross between Satan and a Gucci witch,
Your disposition would make Hitler flinch,

Oh sweet rapist eyes look what you've done to me,
You burned down the temple where the children were sleeping,
Ashes and smoke rose up to the sky,
The memories bloom as the future dies,

Show me some sympathy,
In his image god made me ugly,
Envy and lust,
You are so beautiful,

Don't look at me with those sweet rapist eyes,
Perhaps it's the wine or the soft candlelight,
But I'm under your spell I'm all yours tonight,
The phones off the hook and my tongue is tied.
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