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Fetus on the Beat

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Fetus on the beat,
Red as can be,
Rhythmically miscarried,
Flushed out into the sea,

Funded resurrections,
From the local town collections,
Sugary sweet secreting glands,
Food the milk and honey lands,
Umbilical nooses hang our hest,
On every not and every rest,

Fetus on the beat,
High on LSD,
Enter world war 3,
While in infancy,

Conductor of the flies,
Piss drunk and in disguise,
You keep us all in time,
To orchestrate a lie,
You keep us on the beat,

Abort the beat,

Sadists and masochists who penetrate the melody,
Into a spiral frenzy they will rape you in a minor key,

What more do you want from me,
Unborn vertebrate withers and decays,
Accapella fear is music to my ears.
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