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Heaven With You

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I thought you'd love me forever
I thought nothing could change your mind
As long as we were together
Through every war
I could still survive
You meant everything to me and my heart

Now you leave me with
Nothing at all
I know I'm falling apart

It's heaven with you only knowing
It's hell without you, are you going away
To leave me here a broken soul
In the cold and screaming dark
It's heaven wiht you, was I dreaming
It's hell without you, were you leaving me
And all good things come to pass
Walking tall on broken glass
From my heart
Heaven with you

Standing here in the shadows
All alone, feel it deep inside
Hanging on to forever
With you here it would be so right
Now I find myself coming apart at the seams
Hand in hand with a memory
On a road of shattered dreams


I can feel you when I'm sleeping
But I wake to find I'm dreaming
And I hope to god you need me
The way that I need you

Now you leave me with nothing at all
I know I'm falling apart

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