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Breed The Killer

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Brown and black blood to the concrete, exposed to the systema-
tic terrors and atrocities. Generations of blood-soaked fami-
lies, economic prison and self-hate is my birth-right, see?
Fratricide, homicide, suicide, genocide, they wanna kill the
niggasand wetbacks silently. Fueled by hate, fear and forced
self-denail, black kill black! Brown kill brown! L.A. style!
They breed the killer! Born in the middle of ghetto-like
battlefield, denied human rights and the wounds won't heal.
Our mothers shout a suffocating painfull cry as they watch
more generations of black and brown die. Dignity defined by
sacrificial death, to die for the blood is all I have left.
The system at hand must see one thing clearer: the city of
L.A.'s the black and brown killers! Blood to the concrete,
systematic terror! Historical facts will prove the system
guilty; hypocrisy existed when there should have been equali-
ty. Mental enslavement to loss of self-confidence, self defen-
ce ends in death of intelligence. Drown in abyss of insuffi-
cient education; prosperity cannot exist through moderation.
Forced on the culture, death in the bloodline, father to son
the mind will be confined! 818, yes they breed the killer!
213, yes they breed the killer! 310 yes, they breed the kil-
ler! The system at hand must see one thing clearer: the city
of L.A. is breeding black and brown killers!
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