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Gots no Milli Vanill in me, sincerity constantly, no prefabri-
cation, prefabrication! The words live free. Question the
intentions of this alternative generation, and do we even
realize all that we do effects all life? Let us not stifle
statement beneath false egos, style, or trends, or we surren-
der that which can salvage a human life. Can't prostitutiona-
lize it! Will we let the external taint the internal? Be the
brother in struggle, but don't sucker yourself. Our words
exceed the emnence of the musical. Is 'Doc Martin' moe impor-
tant than a movement, or is it so cheap that a passing style
is what makes you sleep? You must understand the value of your
light! Don't prostitutionalize it! These eyes will not sleep!
I am more than a musical byproduct.
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