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Bringing Back The Glory

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[Next Step Up Cover]

Where has it gone?

Where has it gone?
It's faded out like the rest
But at it's pinnacle our scene was the best
And now it's gone, and we are all to blame
And since the downfall, the crew ain't the same

I remember the days when CCS was the shit
So we're keeping it alive
The Cautious Crew won't quit

Bringing Back The Glory

In the absence of strength the opposition flourished
And they've tried to destroy that which we have nourished
Talking shit about pride and the white man's glory
It's just a scam to hide your weakness
A science fiction story
Spreading racist lies, you know that shit is whack
This scene is ours and now we're taking it back

Bringing Back The Glory
Bringing Back The Glory
Nothing but a beatdown...
Bringing Back The Glory
A CCS beatdown...
Bringing Back The Glory

CCS in control and if we catch you slippin'
You'll go down like the rest, a holy ass whippin'
Bitch ass racists get beat like their wife
The only shit we'll take from you is the shit you call a life
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