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Fuck Your Compression

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You'll still never know

[Verse 1: Earl Sweatshirt]
Sly's been first, man
Y'all forever last I'm forever everlastin'
Mashing on the gas bypassing all the has-beens
In that sense I'm that shit in that scents
Inhale it, breathe it, embrace it
Crepes is not as flat as you natives of fake is
So I take this and shine and provide illumination
But niggas stay in the dark and I'm startin' to get impatient
15 is the age of the teenager
Roamin' with a mind full of gold, no pager
A circle of squares is what shaped us
Until it's sussed feel free to hate us
Unchained, untamed, fast lanin', fat chainin'
Throw 'em on a playlist labeled as the greatest
Unleaded premium, large not medium
Say cheese, bitches bodies seize upon meeting us, man

[Verse 2: Gruzen]
This is what I do, I infect hope
And inspire folk by painting pictures with the better view
My soul is weather proof, my mind can shape shift
Divine greatness runs in bloodlines still ancient
Expansive universes embedded in ours
Reflected in stars, I shine with the breath in my heart
That's why my flows complete, it's flawed
Get raw energy, exposed for the whole globe to see
Yeah you know it's me, I'm back at it again
Elevating the bar, haters will never get in
This is a sacred place, where we embrace creation
Through landscape, shape and painted in a vacant space

[Verse 3: Earl Sweatshirt]
They asked us to stop playing so rough outta courtesy
And if I were to stay in my lane, I swerve purposely
I spit fire, burns in the third degree
Every line is turpentine to these herb serpentines
Snakes in the grass, for all you dumbasses
Fair fax bastards, rockin' nerd glasses
I dominate, y'all denominate fractions
I relapse back to spittin' crack like chapped lips
Chasin' pavements 'til the day of amazin' payment
Success is the fragrance on my Bathin' Ape apron
Pull your face up out your anus and face this
Darth invade your playlist, you cannot evade this
Closed case, you're makeshift, I make hits
You make shit, you crave this, this greatness
You can't attain us like bad grades for Asians
I'm grade A list, lick the speaker, you could taste it
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