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Welcome back to class, bitch, grab on to your glasses
Odd Future leaving even niggas in past tense
Style is patent, the measures is drastic
Either that or they 4: 4, some call them fantastic
She called me fantastic, I called her a fat bitch
Still kill the pussy, put the cat in a casket
The funeral service was fucking worthless, so I said a couple words at it
Didn't know her but I'm confirming that she sure gurgled dick
The Odd nigga with a spoon in your danimals
As hungry as a cannibal, trapped in a van of cantaloupes
Harder than granite, hoes know I'm coming
With the grand force of Van Damme's fist in a damn cannon so
Fans catch us on Animal Planet, tracking hoes
And attacking faster than foes can change the channel, whoa
My dick hates sweaters so she jack it slow
The aftermath proves to be smoother than hairy lacks and oh

Wave high to the Ritalin regiment
Double S shit, swastikas on the letterman, bitch
Hungry wolves at the door, bitch, let us in
Kill 'em all, O.F. is what I represent
Say hi to the Ritalin regiment
Double S shit, swastikas on the letterman, bitch
Hungry wolves at the door, bitch, let us in
Kill 'em all, O.F. is what I represent

Took the van, went snatch her
Oh, you wanna snap this grass? Snap your fucking jabba
Wocky, she's a dancer, walkie-talkie Ace for back up like fag
I got class and can't take this bitch to math, what
Tell the fucking teacher that this burlap sack is filled
With snacks for after class for the whole class, to snack up
Yeah, right, get over here faster
Cause Earl's a pro rapper but amateur kidnapper

Earl, goddammit, I'm still in my damn pajamas
Waiting on mom to bring me the Aspirin from a trampoline jump
And if I pick her up, I'm humping and I'm fucking with no lubricant
I'm using spit, piss, vaseline or something, how old is she?
(Seventeen) This bitch is underage
But I'll have her face off tied and Nicholas Cage
But anyway, give me cash fag, cause I'm low on gas
Aww fuck it, 'bout to jack off, go catch a fucking cab
No I'm not lying when I say that brother's all I have
But if you're not dying don't fucking bother to call me back, I'm sleep


[Bridge: x2]
Kill people, burn shit, fuck school
Odd Future here to steer you to what the fuck's cool
Fuck rules, skate life, rape, write, repeat twice
Odd Future young enough to get your priest mouth drool

I don't give a fuck, like a senior citizen
Shit and run back to the lab, need assistance from
Sister with the biggest bumbaclot girls
I'm around calves big cause they run a lot and scream, oh
Pay him some attention, he's smart and he's genius
He ain't touching me like Martin Sheen's penis
Y'all niggas ain't clean as my team is meanest
Hitting amputees in the knees, Jesus
Please, just peep the Crystal Method where
I take a fucking beat, strip it naked then I wreck it
It's no question, Sweatshirt's O.F
And you can tell by the chiseled horns on my forehead bitch
Hammerhat flyer than a bag of ass
And Jane's a fucking acrobat, I'll flip her on a mattress
Last straw, fuck that, I'm who broke the camel's back
Say you want that dope shit, welcome to Satan's cabbage patch, bitch

Told you he can rap, dumb muthafucka
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