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Mystery In The Making

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The night time air's like a baptism
And the way I'm feeling right now is strange
I think it's time to make some changes
'Cause right now my outlook has changed

I feel like a dance that's lost it's rhythm
A compass that can't fine it's way
But there's a headlight shinning clearly
Down a gravel road just off the interstate

Take away the mundane
Calling on a new campaign
Starting over now has got a real good ring
And under this circumstance
It's giving me a second chance
Gonna trade a little peace for the suspense
I'll let it fall wherever it'll take me
I love a mystery in the making

If I knew how long I'd be living
I'd rearrange a few habits of mine
But tonight there's a full moon above me
A set of rules that tonight I can't abide

Repeat Chorus

Oh I don't need a revelation
Oh I don't even need a sign

Repeat Chorus

I love a mystery in the making
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