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True Love

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true love is a rose behind glass
that's locked and kept closed
maybe just for me
'cos my soul's been attacked and shattered by tough love
bad lovei bought mine on the street true love it just can't be beat i felt so complete married to heavenly bodies aboveand each night i'd look upat a bright honeymoon 'cos it sure seemed built to last and even after my honeymoon passed i kept right on it man like a ghost to the house it was haunting day after day i'd steal with my true love away to some hide out left undisturbed we could do what we wanted but i started to feel like a liar saying i love you mad in love and at me there's no in between came on and oni found you can't make a stand i'm her hired hand i have to do harm one day i got sick sheplayed me a nasty old trick said i need cigarettes walked round the block caught a cabstayed gone for too long and my love had gotten so strong just to try being back on my own i had to go to rehaball i need is a safe place to bleedis this where it's athaving no chancesteps in a danceyour whole life's been in combatnow i'm the king of the ward 'cos i'm good and i swallow my sword and puke it outfor the doctors to write a new prescriptiontranquil as a dove people that have lost their true love all seem to fit the same description i feel cold, useless and oldI wish i was no one take me home my lovetake me home todaytake me out of this placetake me home with you today
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