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Beyond The Great Vast Forest

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Beyond the great vast forest, surrounded by majestic mountains, dark rivers float like tears of sorrow. Frost submerge the holy ring of fire. They shall rise again, for they are of Him... The Dark Lord of eternity's.
These are the Devils of Darkness. They can not be laid to rest forever. Resurrection... They shall haunt again, the creatures of the night "Phantom der nacht" Blood is life. Their art of death is infernal, like their life eternal.
See the castle so proud, but yet so grey and cold. The frost submerge. The moon is on the rise. Hear the nocturnal howling of the wolves... the children of the night. They shall rise again, resurrected through our gathering of the ancient and evil. In the name of the almighty Emperor they shall rise and forever wander the land beyond the great vast forest.
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