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Bang On

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Bang On I look back into history,
About a half an hour ago.
It wasn't too hard finding me,
Yeah where all the flowers grow.
We fucked up big and bad.
Good times were all we ever had.
Drive you mad.
Bang on, on the drum
Is all she had to say.
Bang on, don't you come,
Make it last all day.
This gig's not over now,
There's so much left to play.
Bang on, on the drum,
Bang on, don't you come.
Bang on, on the drum,
And never go away.

I look back, I was 23,
We were bangin' all the time.
We stayed up, never had to sleep,
Out of body, out of mind.
We let our feelings go
By cranking up the stereo.
Oh no!
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