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No Place To Go

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No Place To Go I always spend my money,
Sum of money never grows.
I keep a rolled-up twenty
For God of Heaven though.
I haven't been with my honey
For nearly two months in a row.
See the day, nice and sunny
And I've got no place to go.
I was the prize-less fighter,
So I stayed out of the ring.
Ya got a cigarette lighter
For every time you hear me sing.
I couldn't tense up tighter,
But I can't let nothing show.
I'm a horse-less rider
And I've got no place to go.

In only fifteen minutes
I can wreck my freaking life.
I've got no choices open
So I try to love the strife.
Seems that nothing excites me
So I've got nothing to show,
And then no one invites me
And I've got no place to go.

I've got no place to go. (4X)
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