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Missing You

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I'm feelin' like I'm needin' a drink.
Here I am without you.
I can't go on I can't even think.
I'm a man who can't do
What I need to do
To get over you
After all that we've been through.
'Cause I'm wanting you
And I'm needing you,
And I'm missing you.
Oh, I'm missing you.
You left with out a trace
And no one can take your place.
'Cause I'm missing you.
'Cause I'm missing you.
I can't believe you're gone,
How am I to carry on?

I love you and I need you so much
But you're tearing me apart.
You've been so cold
You don't keep in touch
And all I want is a fresh start.
And I hope that I do
Get over you
After all that we've been though.
'Cause I'm wanting you
and I'm needing you.
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