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Another Mistake

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You really should have told me by now
'Cause if what I've heard is true
You were falling from me, while I was falling for you
Well I wish you would have told me by now
'Cause I didn't mean to waste your time
And I hardly considered you, a waste of mine

I'm just another mistake that you're not gonna make
I'm just one less day for you to throw away
And when you tell your friends about how it ended
Please be kind 'cause you know that I tried
'Cause you know I tried

Now I'm thinking back and looking for clues
For the day you changed your mind
Was I moving way too fast to see the signs
I'm replaying every word you said
Every laugh and every sigh
You had a thousand secret ways to say good-bye.

I tried to give you more, but you wanted less
I tried to read your mind but I failed the test
Why don't you try for once and get it off your chest
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