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Can't Go On

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You haven't answered my
Concerns and questions why
You left me standing here
Speechless with butterflies
Is the end of you
Is life beginning soon
Have we begun to fake
The day to day I love yous
So let's be satisfied
Without the hate inside
Just walk away from the pain
But still leave with pride
I wont be needing you
I don't believe you do
So lead the way to the door
And I'll follow through

I can't go on
Forgetting what I'm made of
I am so numb
You've held me down for so long

It's fine to criticize
The pain in my eyes
If you escape the blame
The feeling of shame
I'm done believing you
In spite of swearing to
I'm overanalyzing
Every little thing you do
Make no mistake this time
I've never felt so right
I've never been the one
Disguising how I feel inside
So let me ask of you
Please put away the attitute
And I'll be the one to follow through
Without any fuckin help from you cause


How long am I willing
To go on faking this life
What I want
I can't go on feeling
I am wasting my
Time with someone
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