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A shamble of rancid flesh despoiled and left to rot
Another commodity, slaughtered, skinned, and cheaply bought
The scent entices, the necrovores began to slaver
Scavengers buzz and burrow in their putrescent palaver
If you bleed it, they will come
As sharks grown voracious at the scent of chum
Necrotized - anaesthetized
Necrotized - dehumanized
Bile-baiting is child’s play, second nature of the beast
To serve up a bilious buffet for our feculent, feral feast
A thrill-kill marathon to hyper-stimulate the reptile brain
Tune in, turn on, to a titillating thanatotic refrain
If you bleed it, they will come
To feast upon what’s spewed from humanity’s rectum
Necrotized - desensitized
Necrotized - lobotomized
The mind of morbidity perplexed
Putrefaction’s pungent, prurient hex
With vivisecting vitriol we vex
Our sordid, soiled, slaughterous secrets

[Lead - Wes]

Shocking, septic, sickening scenes, all taken to extremes
Sardonic grins, take the place of outraged screams
When waking nightmare is de rigeur for the daily grind
Waxing grotesque is the best means of killing time
If you bleed it, they will come
To live vicariously through the deaths and lives of scum
Necrotized - commoditized
Necrotized - cadaverized
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