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I Think I Will

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I think I will

What would you say if I said something strange
That made a difference in how you feel?
What would you do if I did something out of the blue
That made the world a better place
Oh I think I will

Gonna change before I break
Gonna take your heartache and make it mine this time
Oh I, I think I will
I'm gonna run til I find another way to make you mine in time
Oh I, I think I will
(I think I will)

What would you give if I gave you everything
And asked for nothing
How would you feel
What would you think if I thought about doing something good
Yeah just to make you smile
Oh I think I will

Taking it slow
But the further I go
More like no other think I will
The more I know I think I will
The longer I live the stronger I get
I'm positive I think I will
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